Saturday, July 26, 2008

Nokia E90 Blackberry Push E-Mail mit T-Mobile - make it work

To make it short. It is easy once you know what to do but until then it is a PITA.

1.) Go to:

2.) Select: Operator: T-Mobile and Phone Model: Nokia E90
3.) Get the correct software - TMobileS60_3.1_BlackBerry(7.45.1).SISX if you have firmware on your device.
4.) Install it on your Nokia E 90

5.) Go to (System->Einstellungen->Telefon->Netz->Netzmodus->GSM) because registration sometimes fails for UMTS.
6.) Go to the folder Blackberry in the Phone Menu and select the APN-Wizard. Select 'E-Mail-Pushdienst'
7.) In the Phone go to Menü --> BlackBerry --> Einstellungen --> Optionen (Softkey rechts oben) --> "Jetzt registrieren"

You should receive an SMS to notify you that the phone has been registered

8.) Do not activate 'Enterprise-Aktivierung'
9.) Go to and register your phone with PIN and IMEI
10.) In the Phone go to Menü --> BlackBerry --> Einstellungen --> Geräteinfo to find PIN and IMEI

11.) set up your E-Mail accounts with the webinterface.

12. Now change (System->Einstellungen->Telefon->Netz->Netzmodus->Dual) to have UMTS and GSM available



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